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My mother was a resident of Twin Cedars for 3 years and every time I went to visit her she was content and happy. The place was always clean, food excellent and well balanced. The residents were taken on little outings to sight see or maybe go out for lunch and of course The Riverside Creamery which is a local ice cream parlor. Every week there were events for them to enjoy and a beauty parlor in house so they could get their hair done right there. I would recommend this facility to anyone and one day maybe I will be there also.”

-Kathy Weibolt

“Twin Cedars Senior Living is a top notch, nurturing senior care facility.

My family and I trust Tamara and her team of qualified caregivers with my father's health and well being on a daily basis.

My dad has been a resident of Twin Cedars for a few years now and suffers with severe memory loss coupled with declining mobility; knowing he is in safe and secure environment with these ailments has been paramount.

Twin Cedars truly enjoys taking care of our loved ones. Thanks Twin Cedars!”

-Jennifer Doherty

“I guided my Aunt to this lovely facility after the loss of her husband, and injury to herself as a result of that loss. I will be honest. At the time, the proximity of Twin Cedars to our family was a major contribution to my decision. Thank God! Of course, she did not want to be there; none of our elders want to leave their home, but over time the personal relationship built by the loving and accepting nurses and caregivers brought her into the Twin Cedars family. My Aunt was not easy to get along with; stubborn would be a kind word. There is really not enough room here to speak of all the wonderful support this Assisted Living Facility provides.  Residents are given 3 squares ( the food is good!) and a warm and safe place to sleep. They can roam, if they so desire. They can play computer games or email family. They can watch TV, they go to town weekly, they can enjoy the grounds which, in summer, appear exactly as pictured. The porch you see in the promotional picture is usually full of residents in the summer months. There is a rear sun porch available and spiritual support is provided.

As I said, there is not enough room here to say all the good things, but I need to say this. The Administrator, Tamara, is one of the most caring and wonderful women I have met in my lifetime. Yes, she is a businesswoman, but she cares, she really cares, and she is there, always, when you OR your loved one needs her.”

-Steve Warden

“The best care for your money! They go the extra mile for your loved one. Also, their clothes don't disappear as was the case in other facilities. They actually have a range of daily activities for the residents. A definite plus is the range of seniors needing care; the more mentally capable ones tend to help keep an eye on ones with dementia. This is definitely a Senior Home I would recommend!”

“You and your staff have made this transition for my father a perfect one.  Not only does he like it at Twin Cedars, he feels like he is at home, but even when I am there I feel like I am at home.  He has already had some issues which your staff have handled perfectly.  There is no second-guessing that this was the right decision and this is the right place for him.”

-John White 

“Thank you so very much for your continued care and concern for my dad and all who come through your door no matter how difficult or delightful.  I also appreciate how you take the time to listen to concerns, ideas or thoughts of clients or family members.

Caring for the needs of people is no easy task, but your staff is a group of wonderful caring people who take the time to be personable.  I’m very comfortable with each staff member and so is my dad.  Continued education is key to understanding the needs of others, and you do a fine job in this area.  I have never heard any complaints about your facility.  Please tell all your staff how very grateful my brother and I are for such excellent care of my dad.”

-Janet Salmond & Roger Bosch

“We would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the comfort, care and compassion provided to our father during his time at Twin Cedars.  You are a special group of people who provide special services to those in need.  May God bless you.”

-The Harold Spry Family